P&I Correspondence

With ocean going vessel trading into ports around the world, there are somepi occasions requiring local assistance, P&I Clubs and Marine Underwriters find it necessary to have a network of representatives or Correspondents to assist their members when problems are encountered.

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Our Role Of Correspondent

We are able to act as a general Correspondent in Hong Kong, Macau, and throughout the entire The Republic of China with assistance of our office in Shanghai and our network in The Republic of China. Our Hong Kong Office, has been acted as Correspondent to a number of P&I Clubs over the last 15 years and continues to extend our services to more Clubs and Underwriters. With the assistance from our Shanghai office, we cover the whole of China with our extensive network. Our staff is fully conversant with local law & regulations and practices in their area, providing clients with direct support and advice on a 24 hour basis.

Our Services as Correspondent
CorrespondenceLiaison between the Club/Underwriter and its member/Assureds We are not just a post-box correspondent. We establish immediate communication link between the Club/Underwriter and its members/Assureds and ensure the communication to be integrate and confidential. We keep our Principal fully informed of every development and closely monitor the quality of our work and then make careful recommendations based on our knowledge and experience.Survey/Investigation on Ships & CargoesUnlike most P&I Correspondents, we are staffed by a well-balanced team of highly qualified marine surveyors, most of them are Captains with extensive sea-going experience. They are specialized from oil tankers inspections to general cargo surveys, in which some of them have expertise in dangerous cargoes, offshore surveys. Apart from our in-house surveyors, we also have an extensive network of marine surveyors to look after the following areas:
Damage to Ship (Tankers, Bulkers & Container Ships).
Hull & Machinery, Damage to Cargo (Liquid Cargo, Dry Cargo & Air Cargo).
Ships Collision.
Underwater survey.
Charterers Liability.
Stevedore damage
Investigation on Personal InjuryCrew & Passengers Liability covered under P&I Policy. When personal injury occur, it is important as a Correspondent to act promptly & professionally to investigate the circumstances of the incident and obtain witness statement from the relevant parties. With a wealth of experience in handling personal injury cases combining our network of medical professionals, we trust we can carry out a thorough investigation into every case and provide professional recommendation to our clients.
Claims Handling Services/Loss Adjusting Services/Defence ServicesOur staff have long experience in cargo claims handling, several years of which is specialized in pursuing recoveries. They are able to adjust a claim, negotiate settlement on amicable basis and defend a claim on behalf of our Principal.
Advice on local law & legislation and maritime regulationsWith a wide network of legal representative in Hong Kong as well as in the Republic of China specializing in different areas, i.e. marine litigation / personal injury litigation, PacMarine is always able to provide our clients with up-to-date and expert advice on local law & regulations.